A Day In the Life of Me

Friday, August 24, 2007

Bye bye baby...

Wait! Bye bye baby? As in Maddy isn't a teeny baby anymore??? Says who? I never gave her permission to not be a baby! I snuck quietly into her room while she was taking her nap this afternoon so I could take pictures. She still looks so little to me...

Especially in such a BIG bed! No more crib for Maddy. She now sleeps in a twin bed. So, I guess since this was my idea, it is all my fault. Good thing I'll have a new itsy bitsy baby in a couple months.

The best part of this whole arrangement is that now I can snuggle with her for a few minutes before she goes to sleep. She still has me sing her top favorite songs (which are How much is that doggy in the window?, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Popcorn Popping on the apricot tree, You are my Sunshine, and sometimes the ABC's) and pray with her before she will fall asleep. I love this routine and so does she! Although, now that Jay is working during the day she wants Daddy to put her to bed at night instead of me (she is such a daddy's girl!).

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Who knew a metal bowl could be so much fun?

I was sitting at the kitchen table and heard Hyrum making some goofy noises, I look over and this is what I see...

Nothing like making faces at yourself in the reflection of a metal bowl. The kids cracks me up!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Friday afternoon fun

Last Friday afternoon Jay was up unusually early (he was working nights and just this week started a new job where he is working during the day again... woohoo!) so we decided to do something fun. We planned to go for a drive up the canyon and have a picnic for lunch. It turned into a really great afternoon. We had lunch and then went and took some pictures by some really beautiful flowers and then we went down by the river and the kids threw rocks in it for about 20 minutes. On the way home we stopped and got slurpees since we were all thoroughly heated to the core. It was a much needed family time afternoon. I need to remember to take time out of the hectic regular life and do this kind of thing more often. Here are some pictures we took while we were there.
My kids being hams! Jay was trying to get their attention so they'd look at the camera for a picture and he pulled a face much like this and then kids both copied them. They crack me up!

Finally a picture where they are looking without grimacing or pulling faces. ;)

A picture right after we ate lunch of me and the kids by the gorgeous flowers that were there. Maddy was not too thrilled to have her picture taken right then.

Maddy sitting on her Daddy's lap when we were down by the river. She certainly is a little Daddy's girl through and through! (can't say I blame her, really)

Hyrum and Maddy enjoying their slurpees that stained their whole mouths red (which you can't see here). Hyrum seems to be focusing pretty intently on his.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


My MIL has 4 long rows of blackberries in her garden and they are beginning to ripen. We (my mom, my Aunt Dixie, me, and my kids) went to pick them this morning. Here are some pictures from the event.

My mom and the kids picking blackberries. :)

Two messy faces. Aren't they CUTE?

And my mom's, Dixie's, and my hands after picking for about an hour and a half.

We made some jam afterwards and my mom and Dixie wanted to freeze their share to use in things like pies and shakes. This is one of my very favorite things to do each summer. I am so grateful that my MIL is willing ot let us come pick blackberries from her garden. There is just NOTHING like popping a fresh, juicy, sweet, plump, delicious blackberry in your mouth straight from the vine. (and yes, most of the blackberries I picked ended up coming home in baskets and NOT in my tummy. ;) ) We plan on going back one more time, probably next week.

Friday, August 03, 2007

24 and maaaany more!

Yesterday was my 24th birthday. It was a good day, overall. I got to take a nap in the afternoon and we went to Olive Garden with my whole family. Nothing like yummy food and good conversation. Jay bought me some gorgeous long stem roses the day before...aren't they gorgeous?? I have the sweetest husband ever! I also got him to take some pictures of me (ya know, so I can scrapbook my birthday).

So, I'll be 27 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Which means I have 3 months left until baby Miles makes his appearance! It's amazing how quickly time flies! Oh, and after we ate at the Olive Garden, we headed to my mom's where awaited the best cinnamon rolls ever! I asked her to make them for me for my birthday cake and it was the best!

Doesn't that just look divine? So, as for other presents, my parents gave me cash (which I'm planning on going and spending today lol) and Kara said I could pick out a cartridge for my cricut. Overall, it was a great day!