A Day In the Life of Me

Friday, April 28, 2006

Great week!

I've had such a great week! No wonder I don't like babysitting... I was missing out on all the stuff I used to do all the time! I have loved spending so much time with my sister and her kids and being able to just go to the park whenever I want (or the store! gasp!). I feel like I have my life back again. No amount of money can replace that feeling. Oh, and I'm going to take over the cleaning lady's job at my parents' house so I can still be making some kind of money. 3 hours a week is what they have her doing, so that's what I'll be doing. Mostly just scrubbing... like mopping floors, scrubbing the bathrooms... ya know, all the stuff everyone hates doing. lol.

Last night we had the pine wood derby and luckily it turned out pretty good. Jay and I weren't nearly as prepared as we should have been and thanks to some other people, it turned out well. I've decided that we need to pretend Pack meeting is the week before it actually is so we will get everything done before the day of the event. Something I need to work on in other areas too. What can I say? I'm a major procrastinator.

Oh, and Jay's 28th birthday was on tuesday. He wanted to go to Sensuous Sandwich for lunch (he took monday and tuesday off for finals). They have this ongoing thing where if you eat a 24 inch sub in 30 minutes or less then you get a free t-shirt and your polaroid on the wall with the time it took you to eat that ungodly amount of food. Jay finished it after much incouragement from Ty and I in 27 minutes and 10 seconds. The crazy man is talking about the next time he is going to do it! What is he thinking???

I just finished with pilates before sitting my duff on the chair in front of the computer. I just have a prenatal video to use, but it still gives me a work out. I want to get some more upbeat stuff soon though. More like dancing type workout videos. Hyrum tried to do everything with me and was so proud every time he moved anything remotely like what I was doing. It was so stinking cute! That alone makes me want to do pilates every day. Well, off to shower while Maddy is still sleeping.

Monday, April 24, 2006

No work, no work! Na na na na na na!

Well, Jay took today and tomorrow off from work. He has finals, plus his birthday is tomorrow. Today we went to Curious George at the dollar theater. Hyrum sat and watched the entire thing and loved it, but Maddy got quite wiggly and Jay and I took turns taking her out. Ever since we came back home I've been ansy and just feel like getting out of the house and doing something. I have no clue what, but something! It's the kids bedtime in about 15 minutes, so we really can't go do anything now. Maybe I'll just hop on my bike and watch TV to burn some energy. I did finish a layout today. A total scraplift, but I still love how it turned out. You can see it here... http://gallery.lifetimemoments.com/showphoto.php?photo=111884&cat=527
I had to take a picture of it since our printer/scanner is broken. And there were pictures on there from a couple days ago that I forgot were on there. Here are two of them.

Isn't my little girl just adorable??? I just love these pictures! It seems pretty rare that I get good pictures of Maddy and me together. I just had to post them!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Remind me!

Remind me to never take night time meds again! EVER! I have a cold and from that got a sinus head ache last night. I didn't want my cold to keep me up, so I decided to take some sinus relief night time meds. Well, I fell asleep rather quickly, but I woke up about 2:30 and told Jay (my husband of a night owl lately) to come to bed. He did after a few minutes and seemed to fall asleep right away. I, on the other hand, FELT like I was asleep, but I was restless. Couldn't hold still or get comfortable. I eventually fell back asleep and didn't wake up again until Jay left for a bike ride in the morning. Although, when I got out of bed at 8:00 and still now, 45 minutes later, I feel like I should still be sleeping, but I'm not. It is terrible. Not to mention all the other symptoms that come with having a cold. Ugh. Can I go back to bed yet???

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What fun is parenthood if you can't laugh every now and again?

So, today Kara and I went to Fazoli's for lunch with all our kids. They were all being pretty well behaved and Kara and I were chatting away when Hyrum started fussing a bit. We both look at the other end of the table and Hyrum's top half is sticking out of the front of the chair and from his waste down is coming out the back of the chair. Somehow he had squeezed and twisted himself halfway through the back of the chair and got stuck at the waste with his feet firmly planted on the ground. He just said, "help me, mommy. stuck" while I was chuckling a bit at his sticky situation. But it didn't stop there. He really was stuck. I couldn't get him out and Hyrum started getting histerical. I really feel for the people that were eating there right then because they must've thought I was the worst parent ever and my child was being quite noisy and I was just laughing (although I was trying to get him out still). Kara came around the table and helped (she was the one that really did it all... I think I was laughing too hard). And we got the chair moved from his belly button region to his neck and well, the hole in the back of the chair was just a bit smaller than Hyrum's head. So, we snaked the chair back down and Hyrum could not understand why we were putting the chair back on him instead of getting it off already! Finally, the chair came off! And Kara comforted Hyrum while I'm still trying to snuff out my laughter. I guess one of the employees witnessed the "incident" because a few minutes later the manager came out and asked if everything was ok. "Yeah, the food is great" was my response. She goes on to say that she heard someone got stuck in the chair. More suppressed giggles from me and I said he was fine. She was actually quite nice and asked Hyrum if he was ok and for five (which Hyrum was more than happy to giver her a slap on her hand). I know I shouldn't find it so funny, but I do. I still do. Thinking about it now makes me just want to giggle.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I am woman hear me ROOOOAAaarrrrr!

Roar in pain that is! I am just getting back on a regular exercise routine and I'm feeling the pain... the pain in my abs. the pain in my back, the pain in my quads. OH! the pain! I biked for 30 minutes last night, did a half hour pilates workout this morning, and then biked again for 25 minutes tonight. Oye! I think I need to tone it down a bit and JUST do pilates tomorrow! IF I can even hold the positions. If not, then it'll be a day of stretching. I'm looking forward to getting in shape (cuz a pear isn't quite what I want to look like, if you know what I mean).

I know, I know!

I haven't posted in forever!!!! Or at least that long! I kind of gave up on the whole blog thing because my life just seemed too busy, but now that I've dwindled babysitting down from 3 to 1 (other than my own lol) I feel like I have all the time in the woooooooorld! So, I am back to blogging. I basically want to just type out the funny and amusing things my kids do so I can remember them (and inevitibly scrapbook them later). I think another reason I haven't blogged in so long is because I feel like I have to make every post happy and I certainly wasn't happy (I'm almost positive I have SAD). But now that the winter is over and it has warmed up (excluding yesterday's snow blech!) I am feeling much better and I think I've gotten to the point of being able to let the world see the good, the bad, and the UGLY (don't worry, no pictures of me first thing in the morning posted). Hopefully I can treat this place and somewhere I can tip tap out all of my feelings on the keyboard and see it written out on the screen.

The plan for today is to shower (feeling a bit greasy lol), clean a bit, maybe scrapbook some, and the big fun part -- having Kara come over with her kids and letting them fingerpaint outside. I am SO excited for that! I've never let Hyrum try this before. For fear of the huge mess he would make and that it was too cold outside to make him do it in the snow (but mostly because of the huge mess).

This Easter weekend was a blast. We don't give the kids Easter baskets (mostly my decision). Most of the reason we don't is because my mom was always iffy about it. We would get baskets some years and then not others. And after 3 Easter egg hunts I really don't think my kids need more candy and they definitely don't need more little trinkets to break or get lost. The other reason that we don't do baskets is because I would really rather focus on the reason that we even have Easter. Christ's resurrection. And the least amount of distraction, the better, in my opinion. Anyway, off my soapbox now. We had an egg hunt at my parents' house along with lunch and egg coloring (with crayons) and dyeing them. The boys LOVED doing it all (except eating of course... they never seem to eat when they are all together). I made up for it though and gained a pound back. Arg! I know I did it to myself though. I went on the bike last night while watching Everyone Loves Raymond... a whole half hour. I didn't push myself too hard which kinda dissapointed me, but then I realized I don't have to kill myself every workout. Sometimes I just need to enjoy moving. This morning I did a half hour pilates workout. Yeah, it's my prenatal dvd I got when I was pregnant with one of my kids (um, I don't remember now which one). But I can tell my abs got quite the workout! This is good since that is my problem area. I have GOT to be good today and stay away from the kids' easter candy! I think by now I've eaten most of the good stuff anyway.

Ok, well, the kiddos are awake and Hyrum is probably dumping all his clothes out of his dresser in a big pile in the middle of the floor just so I have to refold them all, so I better go. I promise I'll try to update this thing more often! (Mostly for my sake though... I know, I'm so selfish!)