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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Friday afternoon fun

Last Friday afternoon Jay was up unusually early (he was working nights and just this week started a new job where he is working during the day again... woohoo!) so we decided to do something fun. We planned to go for a drive up the canyon and have a picnic for lunch. It turned into a really great afternoon. We had lunch and then went and took some pictures by some really beautiful flowers and then we went down by the river and the kids threw rocks in it for about 20 minutes. On the way home we stopped and got slurpees since we were all thoroughly heated to the core. It was a much needed family time afternoon. I need to remember to take time out of the hectic regular life and do this kind of thing more often. Here are some pictures we took while we were there.
My kids being hams! Jay was trying to get their attention so they'd look at the camera for a picture and he pulled a face much like this and then kids both copied them. They crack me up!

Finally a picture where they are looking without grimacing or pulling faces. ;)

A picture right after we ate lunch of me and the kids by the gorgeous flowers that were there. Maddy was not too thrilled to have her picture taken right then.

Maddy sitting on her Daddy's lap when we were down by the river. She certainly is a little Daddy's girl through and through! (can't say I blame her, really)

Hyrum and Maddy enjoying their slurpees that stained their whole mouths red (which you can't see here). Hyrum seems to be focusing pretty intently on his.


At 11:16 AM , Blogger Kara said...

Gorgeous photos! Those kiddles are so cute!

At 12:01 PM , Blogger Shopgirl said...

You guys really are a good looking family! I love the pictures!


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