A Day In the Life of Me

Sunday, December 30, 2007

2 months old and Great Grandma Jensen.

So, Miles turned two months old yesterday, December 29th.  It seems like all of a sudden he is really interested in everything around him and noticing more and more.  From the time he was born it seemed like he was just taking everything in, but that has increased tenfold now.  I can tell he is going to be one that doesn't miss a thing.
Christmas was great this year!  The kids were so much fun and SO excited to open their presents!  They were all really good about taking turns opening them too.  We all slept over and Grandma and Grandpa Stephens' house and the Henry kids woke up about 7:00 and Maddy heard people and woke up, but I had to wake Hyrum up.  After we opened presents and had breakfast, we all got dressed and headed to Ogden to visit my Great Grandma Jensen.  She is 101 (102 in February) and still going pretty strong.  This was her first time meeting Miles.  She seems to have such a connection when the babies are young, so the first meeting is always so special.  When she held Miles she talked to him almost the whole time and one of the things she always says is "you'll never know how much I love you." Miles was just staring at her the entire time like he was listening to every word she was saying and soaking it in.  It was so, so sweet. 
 I am so blessed to have so much family that loves me.  

One of the things that Jay gave me for Christmas is a book called The Five People You Meet In Heaven.  I am almost done with it and if you haven't read it before, I would highly recommend it.  Such a good book!  Very thought provoking for me.  

I hope you all had a great Christmas and have a good New Year.  We are going to go to Logan for New Year's Eve and spend a couple days at my Aunt Angie's house.  I'll have to try to remember to take some pictures while I'm there since it is always so much fun when we visit her!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hyrum funnies.

So, I just thought I'd post some funny things Hyrum has said lately so I don't forget.  (Cuz, ya know, I want to scrapbook them later, but I'll forget about it when I actually sit down to do it.)  Lately, when we are in the car he will ask where we are going and Jay responds with "crazy. wanna come?" Hyrum just thinks it's hilarious and now if I ask him where we are going he'll say "crazy" and starts giggling.  So. dang. funny.

Another thing that just cracked me up is the other day (I think two days after Christmas) Hyrum wanted me to open one of his dinosaurs he got.  Well, you know how packaging is... everything is super wired to the box.  While I'm working on cutting the hundreds of wires Hyrum triumphantly proclaims, "SET THEM FREEEE!" Bwahahaha!  Free, indeed!  Free to the hands of a 4 1/2 and 2 1/2 year old.  Good luck there, brontosaurus, with that freedom thing.  Unless maybe by freedom he meant flying from the top of the stairs just to land with a thud at the bottom of them. 

So, in case you couldn't tell, I'm in a really good mood right now.  Not sure why exactly.  My two older kids have stripped completely nude and are vewwwwy quietly running around so I don't see them.  So, all I hear is *whisper whisper*, *pitter patter*, *whisper*, *giggle*, *pitter patter pitter*... I need to give them baths, but haven't quite yet and frankly, I'm enjoying them trying to be stealth.  Well, Miles just let off a stink bomb in his diaper... he is exactly 2 months old today, by the way.  Where DOES the time go???  I plan to take some pictures of him today after his tylenol kicks in (he had shots yesterday and is still feeling the aftermath from that) and I'll try to post some later.  Peace out, ya'll (or something like that).

Friday, December 28, 2007

My poor babies.

Today I had to take Maddy and Miles to the doctor for their well check-up.  Which means shots for both of them.  Miles had to get four and Maddy had to get one.  Miles was a trooper and only cried when I woke him up for a minute and when he was getting his shots (he stopped as soon as they were over with).  Maddy on the other hand started crying as soon as I tried to get her undressed.  She is pretty shy when it comes to talking to people, so I guess she really didn't like the idea of someone she didn't know touching her.  I had to hold her down while the nurse measured her length and while the doctor checked her ears, throat, tummy, etc.  It totally broke my heart.  After she clung to me like I was her life line and she still had to get a shot.  Poor thing was not a happy camper.  After that, she just asked for Daddy. :( I wish I could have taken her to him.  She fell asleep on the short drive home and two hours later is still sound asleep in her bed.  I hope she won't be mad at me when she wakes up.  

So, the stats on those two... Miles weighs 12.19 pounds which is the 63% for his age and is 21.5 inches long which is in the 6% for his age.  I guess you could say he's a bit short and chubby.  Hehe.  Chubby babies make me happy.  Maddy weighs 31.2 pounds which is the 63% for her age and 37 inches tall which is the 53%.  Apparently she is supposed to be 5'8" when she grows up since she was 35 inches at 2 years old and that is when you are supposed to double it to see how tall they are supposed to grow to.  The girl will be 6 inches taller than me if that is true. :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Miles smiled at me for real (as in looked at me and grinned... not just randomly or in his seep) yesterday afternoon (right at 7 weeks old).  I spent quite a bit of time after that trying to coax another smile from him.  It didn't happen until just a few minutes ago.  Talk about making my heart melt!  I will try again tomorrow and see if I can maybe get Jay to get a picture of it.  He's still pretty unpredictable with it, obviously, but it's worth a try to capture it on camera.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lots and lots of pictures.

Since I haven't written in quite a while, I will just update you all the best way possible... with pictures of my kids! I promise to just write a little blurb about each one. Enjoy!

December 1st we got our first real snowfall. Of course, the kids HAD to build a snowman with Grandma Stephens. Hyrum loved trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue.

Miles was blessed on December 2nd. Such a wonderful day surrounded by loved ones! I love how he is sorta smiling in this picture (smiling is still something that doesn't happen for any reason that I know of besides maybe he's just happy... I can't coax one out of him yet).

We were going to go to the store and Maddy disappeared for a few minutes and came back like this saying she was ready. What a little diva! Complete with sunglasses, necklace, and purse.
We made Christmas sugar cookies on Dec. 8th with the Henry's. We tried something new this year and the kids painted the sugar cookies with an egg yolk wash colored with food coloring instead of piling candy on. They turned out pretty and yummy!

This is the digital Christmas card I made and printed out in a 4x6 to send everyone. Kara took the picture (she is awesome!). I love my family!
Miles is so strong! I put him on his tummy with the boppy (nursing pillow) under him to give him a little more leverage and he holds his head up so well and is happy for 5-10 minutes to just look around. Then he gets really upset and tired. LOL! (Picture taken Dec. 14)