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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


So, I have been trying to lose weight the past month or so. I joined weight watchers and it has been a great starting point for me and has opened my eyes to realize that I have been eating about twice as much as I actually need to. I sort of hit a plateau after losing 3.5 pounds. I wasn't gaining weight, but I wasn't losing more either. I was getting really frustrated! After admitting to myself that I was kind of finding ways around weight watchers to still get to eat whatever I wanted, I have upped my ante and decided to make at least half (4 or more) dinners vegetarian. I really don't eat enough veggies... even with a salad for lunch every day. So, I am getting creative and the kids haven't even missed the meat. I've already noticed a difference in my energy level and how much my back hurts (it's been giving me grief every morning for about a month). Jay likes to call this kind of eating flexitarian... which makes me chuckle... I like it! I don't really have any desire to give up meat entirely, but I'm really enjoying feeling better. It also helps my motivation to have joined a contest with my brother-in-law and my parents to lose 6.1 percent of our body weight this month. And whoever doesn't make it, has to pay those who did $20. I don't want to pay out $60 because I didn't control myself enough to lose the weight! I'm also trying to get in as many walks/jogs as I can. Eat less, move more, drink more water! That's my mantra lately. I'm also considering doing a contest with a prize... to see who can lose the most body weight percentage... would anyone be interested in doing that with me?


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