A Day In the Life of Me

Friday, February 29, 2008

Miles rolled over!

He is exactly four months old today and when I went to put him on his tummy to get pictures of him, he rolled over onto his back! Hyrum and Maddy both flipped out a little and laughed and laughed!  Then wanted him to do it again. (silly kids) So, I flipped him on his tummy again and he went right over to his back.  I went to call Jay to let him know... left a message on his phone, and grabbed the camcorder.  He did it again for the camera!  I don't even know for sure how to get video off our camera let alone make it so I can post on here, but if Jay or I can figure it out, I will put it on here for you all to see.  My baby boy is getting big! 

Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday, Maddy!

So, yesterday was Maddy's third birthday.  She shares it with her name sake (my great grandma) who is 99 years older than her (which means she turned 102 yesterday).  We went to Ogden to celebrate her birthday with family.  Here are some pictures I took there.

Grandma just loves to hold the babies!  Here she is with Miles (one of the very first things we did when we got there is let her hold him).
The two birthday girls!  Madolin Jane Ball Jensen and Madolin Jane Blair. :)
Some of the great great grandkids helped Grandma Jensen blow out her candles.
They had a cake for Maddy too.  Here she is blowing out the candles on her cake.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

And that spells...

So, Maddy surprised me a few weeks ago by spelling out D-O-R-A after getting her Dora shoes on (they are on the bottom of them).  Since then she has been a super speller!  It really surprises me. And I can take no credit what-so-ever for it.  Just a few minutes ago I heard her spelling something out and went to look what she was looking at.  Jay has a poster on his dream board of some fancy shmancy car (not sure what one it is... sorry sweetie) and at the bottom it says in all capital letters "AN AMERICAN REVOLUTION".  So, Maddy proceeds to point out each letter and then looks at me and says very matter of factly, "that spells car".  Cracks me up that she would think that aaaall those letters spell out CAR.  Anyway, my girlie is just so smart!  And funny to boot.  We've got to run to church, but I thought I'd post this while I was thinking of it.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

As the mom of 3 kids...

I will be the first to tell you that being a mom is not easy.  Especially with them all under five years old.  The fighting, the whining, the late night feedings, the drawing on walls... It is all worth it at moments like I just witnessed.  After it being very apparent that Maddy actually needed a nap today (I thought she might not take one since she got a hold of my Dr Pepper today without me knowing and drank quite a bit of it) she was mad at me (something that happens quite a bit with her and I'm guessing will not stop until she has children of her own) and asked for Hyrum.  I thought maybe she just wanted a kiss from him.  He came in, blew her a kiss, and started to leave and she called for him back.  She asked him to sing to her and he asked what she wanted him to sing.  Twinkle twinkle little star (of course).  Hyrum proceeds to look into her eyes and sing the whole song and they both were smiling such sweet smiles.  After he finished Maddy said, "thank you, Hyrum. I love you." And Hyrum responds with, "I love you, too, Maddy.  You're my favorite." Talk about melting my heart!  Sure makes the hard times worth it to see something like that transpire between my kids.