A Day In the Life of Me

Friday, September 07, 2007

I am a child of God.

Early this morning (say 4:30) Maddy woke up sick and has thrown up multiple times since then. She certainly has not been herself and has been super snuggly (about the only time she is like that is when she is sick). I gave both kids a bath this morning and as I was getting Maddy dressed she started singing "I am a child of God..." then she kind of mixed up the words (ok, she mixed them up a lot, but got the tune about spot on) and then she picked up with the words "lead me, guide me, walk beside me..." and then trailed off again. It was about the cutest thing in the world and completely melted my heart. I couldn't help but think it was a sort of prayer for her. I think I'll add this song to her nightly routine of songs (which right now, is about 4 songs long lol).

Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Labor Day!

Jay had work off today. YAY! We ended up going to Thanksgiving Point with my parents and Kara and her family and watching a 3-D dinosaur movie they have there. The kids LOVED it and I wish I had my camera with me then because the glasses were pretty histerical looking. Anyway, we went to Iceberg after the movie and then headed over to the "children's garden" which essentially has a wade pool with Noah's ark and animals (some of which periodically squirt water out). The kids played hard and loved being in the water. Maddy kept running laps and I could barely get a picture of her and she would NOT look at me. They also had this part where water sprayed up every once in a while. Hyrum got up close and personal and got a good one right in the face. By the end, the kids were completely soaked and absolutely happy! Then we went and walked around the rest of the gardens. They had a bear cave complete with a statue of a bear and tunnels where the kids climbed up one and came down the other.
They also had beautiful flowers everywhere and some interesting plants (like bamboo) and a waterfall here and there. Then the women and men split up and the women went to IKEA and the men went to Cabela's. It was really a very fun day and a great way to spend the holiday (much better than sitting at home thinking we should be out doing something fun). We got home around 5:00 and both kids and I took a much needed nap and have been enjoying a quiet evening. I hope you all had as great of a labor day as we did!