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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What fun is parenthood if you can't laugh every now and again?

So, today Kara and I went to Fazoli's for lunch with all our kids. They were all being pretty well behaved and Kara and I were chatting away when Hyrum started fussing a bit. We both look at the other end of the table and Hyrum's top half is sticking out of the front of the chair and from his waste down is coming out the back of the chair. Somehow he had squeezed and twisted himself halfway through the back of the chair and got stuck at the waste with his feet firmly planted on the ground. He just said, "help me, mommy. stuck" while I was chuckling a bit at his sticky situation. But it didn't stop there. He really was stuck. I couldn't get him out and Hyrum started getting histerical. I really feel for the people that were eating there right then because they must've thought I was the worst parent ever and my child was being quite noisy and I was just laughing (although I was trying to get him out still). Kara came around the table and helped (she was the one that really did it all... I think I was laughing too hard). And we got the chair moved from his belly button region to his neck and well, the hole in the back of the chair was just a bit smaller than Hyrum's head. So, we snaked the chair back down and Hyrum could not understand why we were putting the chair back on him instead of getting it off already! Finally, the chair came off! And Kara comforted Hyrum while I'm still trying to snuff out my laughter. I guess one of the employees witnessed the "incident" because a few minutes later the manager came out and asked if everything was ok. "Yeah, the food is great" was my response. She goes on to say that she heard someone got stuck in the chair. More suppressed giggles from me and I said he was fine. She was actually quite nice and asked Hyrum if he was ok and for five (which Hyrum was more than happy to giver her a slap on her hand). I know I shouldn't find it so funny, but I do. I still do. Thinking about it now makes me just want to giggle.


At 7:55 AM , Blogger islandgirl said...

roflol! Hey, I ate fazolis the other day and thought we need to get together for a park trip one of these days. (last time we did I ate fazolis, lol)


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