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Monday, April 23, 2007

Pretty in pink!

Tonight Jay and I had date night as his schedule is pretty whacky and he gets monday and tuesday off instead of a normal weekend. My sister is nice enough to trade babysitting with us so we both really benifit from a weekly date night with our hubbies. Anyway, tonight Jay and I went to our favorite pizza buffet place, Doc's pizza buffet, and after we had satisfied our hunger and our stomachs were entirely too full we decided to walk around the mall. I got some cute florally maternity pajama pants and then we went to the scrapbooking store (Archiver's) I used to work at, of course. On the way over there, we stop in at the Verizon store just to see if they have any super specials or great deals that we just couldn't pass up. Jay has been researching cell phones for what seems like forever. We got the scoop and had them right us a quote and went to think on it some. Anyway, right in front of Archiver's is a kiosk that is a Verizon dealer (?). They offered us a better deal that we really couldn't pass up! Two brand spankin' new Razr phones for $50 and then a $100 rebate on them... so, we'd actually MAKE $50 off of getting the phones. So, hello world! the Blair's are finally apart of the 21st century with cell phones! Of course, I had to have the PINK one! (really, what other color is there???) Jay got a sleek silver one and we signed a two year contract. I can't believe after 2 years or so of talking about it we finally made the plunge and got cells. We've been having fun changing the settings and adding all our contacts and calling eachother for FREE! No more memorizing numbers for me (except my new one hehe). Anyway, we are both pretty excited about it. It'll be nice to be able to call Jay (or anyone for that matter) when I am out of the house if I need to. Okay, enough rambling... I shouldn't have had that Mountain Dew with dinner tonight. I'm off to watch The Pursuit of Happiness with my Razr-owning husband and probably Dan too. Have a great night everyone! :)


At 11:45 PM , Blogger Jarubla said...

This is Razr One checking in...over...you are cleared for take off Razr Two...the deck is at 5,000 feet, and the code is blue. Fligh high, fly fast, and I love you

Razr One out :)

At 8:19 PM , Blogger Kari Marie said...

I love it!!! AH Ha ha


PS I saw your pictures...

youre a babe!


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