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Monday, February 26, 2007


Yep, that says "pregnant"! What a nifty digital pregnancy test lol. I took a dollar store pregnancy test yesterday morning and there was a faint, barely there line on the test part. It wasn't too convincing so I made Jay go break the sabbath and get me a ept (early pregnancy test). I guess the digital ones were on sale so were cheaper than the non digital ones. They came 2 in a pack... anyone need a pregnancy test??? Anyway, I did the pee stick thing and stood and stared at it while the hourglass blinked letting me know it was working and then this single word popped up! We are so excited! My due date is November 3rd. I'm happy to have a fall baby since Maddy was born in February and Hyrum was born in March. I'm almost certain it is a girl from an experience I had. We have a girl and boy name picked out. Lilian Kate (although apparently Jay isn't sold on Kate... he wants Kathryn which I don't like, so we shall see what we end up with) and Gabriel Joseph.
Jay starts working at the post office on wednesday of this week. Very exciting! He'll be working 5pm to 5am 6 days a week, so our world will pretty much get turned upside down, but this is an amazing opportunity!
Lots of good changes happening right now. Maybe I can just sleep for the next couple weeks. hehehe.


At 10:21 PM , Blogger Kristie said...

Love the names you've picked out and that is awesome about the PO job! Those are near impossible to get here. Wishing you a happy, healthy pregnancy. :)

At 12:23 PM , Blogger tammy said...

Yay!!!!!! Congrats!! I might take you up on that free test offer in a few months. ;)


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