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Thursday, December 28, 2006


It has been way too long since I posted here. I will try to be much better about that as I know I get disappointed when I go to someone's blog and they haven't posted anything new since the last time I had been there.

Christmas was great! Besides Maddy getting sick and her and I having to miss the Blair Christmas gathering. Jay got me a bunch of clothes, a belt, a purse, and (the big one!) a cedar chest! He did awesome and I was pleasantly surprised about how well he did picking out clothes for me without me there. ;) And I had no clue about the cedar chest... that was a great surprise! The kids got more things than I can remember... the big ones... an easel for Hyrum and an overstuffed rocking chair Maddy size (both from my parents). We have yet to put the easel together for Hyrum... one of these nights when Jay is home. Anyway, I will have to post some pictures from Christmas morning sometime, but we accidentally left the camera over at Great Grandma's house and she lives an hour away. I'll get it back this weekend.

I've been cleaning like crazy this week trying to beat my friend from Oregon in a contest we are doing. I am soooo going to win! We are both having New Year's Eve parties at our houses and want to get them looking all sparkly before that. Besides, what could be better than a super clean house to start the new year in? I've done so much scrubbing that the muscle in my arm is sore. How embarrassing to be sore from cleaning! LOL! I suppose there are worse things. I'll be sure and keep you updated to who wins the contest (even though I'm gonna make sure it is me!).

Well, it is after midnight and I am stinking tired and Maddy is fussing. I guess that is my que to get off the computer, take care of my baby, and get in bed. Have a good night.


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