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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

More ramblings about the condo.

It is about 8 blocks from my parents' house and Kara is still about 10 minutes away. Peeeerfect, if you ask me. Well, I guess as perfect as it comes... I would love to be in the same neighborhood as my parents, but this is pretty darn close. Anyway, Jay and I were looking at Behr.com at paints last night. They have this cool thing where you can pick the paint colors and choose what kind of room you want to see it in and then you choose the wall, ceiling, trim, and accent colors. It is really really neat to be able to see what the colors will look like on a wall. It seems though that Jay likes the more neutral colors and I like the bolder (and more fun, if you ask me) colors. We will work something out, I am sure. I can hardly wait to hear if the offer is accepted. Please, please, please. :)

I took the kids over to my in-laws late this morning to pick apricots to make jam (actually, I'm going to make syrup and leather). It was great to see my mother-in-law and Grandmother as well. Grandmother sat and cooed at Madolin almost the entire time and Hyrum ran around the yard getting hot and having fun. Then he got a little muddy so my mother-in-law got the hose and sprayed him off with it... then gave it to him. He found the canoe sitting not very far away and filled it with about an inch of water. Then he climbed in a played and had a blast! Wish I would have had my camera with me... it was really super cute. He got so mad when I made him get out though. I think he will take a long nap today. At least I hope he does so I can make the syrup and leather while he is sleeping and be done by the time he wakes up.

Madolin is rolling over all of the time now. I will put her on the floor with some toys on her back and within a few minutes she is on her stomach trying to get something that was just out of reach on her back. She gets frustrated within a few minutes, so I'll go over and roll her back on her back. It is a losing battle though as she always rolls back onto her stomach pretty quickly. What a fun stage this is though! She is very grabby and interactive. Wants to be where all the action is all the time. And she's not afraid to tell you when she's not happy about being left out. LOL.


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