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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Scrapping the day away.

Today I went over to Kara's to scrap with her. I got there around 11:00 and we fed the boys macaroni and cheese and then Kara wanted to get some fast food, but I didn't have any money, so I tried to get her to stay home. She went and bought us both Wendy's despite my efforts (okay, I really didn't try REALLY hard). Immediately after lunch we went to her scraproom and started at it! I worked on a layout I had started the day before and Kara worked on her design team stuff for Paper Posies (OMGosh! I SO need this kit, by the way!). I had to run home at 2:30 to go visit a lady in our ward at 3:00. Kara let me leave Hyrum with her so he could play with Max and Xander some more. I came back around 3:45 and started right at scrapbooking again. Between having to stop and nurse Madolin and having to break up the various brouhahas between the three boys I finished my one page. I really like it actually. I will upload it to Lifetimemoments.com's gallery here in a few if you are interested in seeing it. It was really a lot of fun to spend time with Kara and do something we both love. It seems we have each discovered a new joy for scrapbooking recently. I know I have rediscovered my style and joy of creating that I somehow lost for a while there. Anyway, it was a great day, overall!

Oh, today is also my little brother, Ty's birthday. He is 16. We all got together at 6:00 and had pizza (Ty's choice) and icecream cake (also Ty's choice). He is thrilled to finally be 16... I remember that like it was just a few days ago... and to think I'll be 22 in less than a month! EEK! That sounds OOOOLD! I like being 21! Guess even if I somehow got it to skip the day, I would still be a year older. ;)


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