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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Today Hyrum had beans and rice for lunch (he gave me the idea for it by getting into the dry rice and kept eating it like that... blech!). Anyway, I thought I'd try to get him to eat with a fork. I mean, he's eaten with a fork before, but he usually just eats everything with his fingers. So, I sat there and helped him every once in a while and he ate it all with the fork! Not once did he use his fingers! I was SO proud of him! He would get a bite and then get this very happy look on his face. I loved it! What a great reminder how awesome it is to be a mother. He even would say what I kept telling him to do, "under and up." Well, I was actually saying, "scoop under and lift up." It was amazing to me how quickly he picked up the whole concept! After he was done I thought how fun that would be to scrapbook. I didn't think to take pictures until he had finished eating it and so I took a picture of the empty bowl with the fork in it. I think I'm going to title the layout "Under and Up."

I think I'm going to go make a card since both kids are asleep. Have to make the most of the time they are both sleeping as it doesn't happen very often and today has been a rather tough day, so I'm going to take it as me time. Jay and I are planning on going on a bike ride tonight. He will pull the kids behind him in the trailer. That way I can actually keep up with him. I really need to get in shape.

Well, off to make that card!


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