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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Today we are going to Ogden to visit Grandma Jensen since she hasn't seen Madolin since she was blessed about a month ago. After we go to Ogden we are going to continue on to Logan for a Mother's Day pot luck dinner at Angie's house. We will be leaving as close to 1:00 as we can. I came home from church early to get ready to go and find myself on the computer writing here instead. This will be a short entry because I do need to go get stuff together so we can go. I hope Hyrum will sleep on the way there. I need to be sure to bring his blanky so if he wants to he can go to sleep.

Everyone always wants to see Maddy when we are at church. They all stop me to get a look at her and exclaim how cute she is. I must say that I have to agree! She is quite the cutie! Especially in her cute frilly dresses she wears to church.

For sacrament meeting the Jesky family gave talks. The three boys gave a scripture and bore their testimonies. It was really quite adorable. Sister Jesky's talk was on women of the church. She talked about past prophets' mothers and how faithful they were and how that made a difference in their sons' lives. Brother Jesky talked on women of the scriptures and pretty much did a "hall of fame" of them. He talked about his favorite "nominees". Church went by so quickly! I think a lot of it had to do with skipping out on the second and third hours and also that the Clawson's took Hyrum while we were there for most of the time. They are such good people! What will we do when we aren't living right next door to them? That will be a sad day indeed!

Well, I better get going! Have to get stuff ready still!


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