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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Hyrum gave me quite the scare tonight! I came in from dinner with Kara at Zuppas and was putting away my scrapbooking stuff from earlier off my mom's kitchen table and went to get Hyrum to take him downstairs and I couldn't find him! I kept calling his name and thought he had gotten outside maybe. Lately he's been liking to hide behind doors and stuff so I looked everywhere upstairs again and found him in my mom's bathroom... in the little section where the toilet is with my mom's razor! He said "ouchie" and sure enough his thumb and pointer finger were red with blood. I was just glad that he hadn't gone outside and ran! Luckily the cuts were minor and nothing to worry about. Man, was that ever stressful though!

I need to exercise tonight. I feel like I'm dragging and know it will help me feel better. I've got to fold 2 batches of laundry and give Hyrum a bath and then I will go on the treadmill. I wish it would stop raining for a day or two. I know we need the moisture, but I want to be able to go outside without getting wet! I would love to take Hyrum to the park again too. Oh well... soon enough.

Madolin started kicking the toys in her bouncy seat today. She can't reach them with her hands at all and aparently wants to move them around. She just reaches her foot up there and kicks away. It is so cute! I love when they start doing new things all the time!


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