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Monday, May 09, 2005

Just another manic Monday.

Yesterday was good. It was really nice to see family and EVERYONE commented on how adorable Maddy was. Valerie was there. I haven't seen her for over 2 years. It was good to see her and her twin girls... boy do they look just like their mom! I was surprised at how little they talked though. They are only about 2 months older than Hyrum and he's saying way more than I heard them talk. It was really good to see Grandma Jensen too. She seems to be getting weaker though. She held Maddy for a little while, but even that was kind of hard on her. I need to remember to go visit her more often. She really isn't that far away. The ride to Ogden and Logan went really quickly for me. Both kids slept the whole way to Ogden and I just read the whole time. The way back home was a different story though. Hyrum was tired, but wouldn't go to sleep until we were about a half hour from home and Maddy got fussy about half way through. We stopped so I could try to feed her, but she wouldn't eat. I couldn't find her binky and when we stopped Jay finally found it. Everyone got tired and a little grumpy. We were all really glad to be home and in bed finally.

Despite a late night last night, Hyrum was up before 7:00 and Jay brought him in our bed. I dozed in and out in between Hyrum putting his feet on me or trying to climb on me before I dragged myself out of bed. I realized that Hyrum had peed through his diaper so put him in the tub even before breakfast. The kid must not have gotten enough sleep because he would fuss when I was undressing him and washing him in the tub. He about drove me crazy! I swear, he's gonna give me gray hair!

Oh, and last night when we were driving home Jay and I were talking about how I could put money away for a digital rebel. We came up with me "earning" it by for every 30 minutes that I exercise, I can put $5 away for it. :) Sounds like a good thing from every angle to me! The hardest part will be finding the time to exercise with 2 little ones. I think Jay will have to help me with that.


At 11:21 PM , Blogger Melissa said...

Start exercising girlie! :) Lets see - $5 for 30 minutes - if you can work out 3x a week that's $15 a week or $60 a month - at that rate you would "earn" it in a year... Or you could be like me and work out 4x a week for an hour a shot... that would be $40 a week or about 6 months - now to talk my dh into it ;)


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