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Monday, September 25, 2006

I guess that's what I get...

So, this weekend there was a cybercrop on Lifetimemoments.com that I participated in (by the way, if you want to look at my work here is the link to my gallery http://gallery.lifetimemoments.com/showgallery.php?cat=500&page=1&ppuser=4050 ) . Challenges, fun prizes, lots of scrapbooking. It was fun! And I made 6 layouts and 6 cards between Thursday and Saturday night. And I like every single thing I made. I was chatting with a friend and saying that I am doing so well lately with my scrapping... that I rarely like everything that I make, but that I had been. So, the kids are now asleep and Jay is still working with his brother Dave (a plumber) and NOTHING is coming together for me! I guess that's what I get for gloating. *sigh* At least I am listening to some good music on my iPod and the house is QUIET! I should probably be picking the mess that the kids made before I put them in bed (early! 7:40), but I need to just veg for a bit. Maybe I'll just go read my book for a while. Yeah, that sounds nice. Here are some pictures from a trip to the park on the 19th...

Kara took those top two at the water fountain. I just love the one of Hyrum! What an expression! The one of Maddy in the tube... she was playing peek a boo with me. Right behind her the tube curves and she would peek through one of the holes and we'd make eye contact and then she'd crawl as fast as she could past the curve and find me through the opening. She'd giggle and squeal every time. It was so much fun! Anyway, just thought I would share my latest favorite pictures as fall seems to be here for good and I don't know how much longer we'll be able to go to the park without having to bundle up.


At 11:27 PM , Blogger Shopgirl said...

Okay, those were the cutest pages! I am serious when I say, you are so talented Melissa! You are so good at taking pictures AND putting them together so well. When I looked at these, I just said, that's it- I want you to do my scrapbook pages! I am totally serious! There are people who do that for a living. Think about it. I will pay you to put together some pages for me. Maybe we could talk about it, and come up with price ranges per page, and I would just give you the pictures I wanted done and you could do your thing!
Let me know!


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