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Sunday, October 30, 2005

I love it,

yet hate it at the same time. Last night was daylight savings, so we set our clocks back an hour (ok, Jay set them all). I love gaining the extra hour, but it's hard to get used to. All of our sleeping schedules just get knocked out of whack.

Last night was Jake's 18th birthday. Mom gave him a surprise party. We went and enjoyed the pizza and cake. Then Jake and all his friends went to a movie. We hung out with mom and dad for a while and then went to WalMart in search of "The Nightmare Before Christmas." We couldn't find it though and asked someone and they said the people who order the movies must've thought it was a christmas movie and not a halloween one. We ended up buying new rugs for our bathroom (SO COOL!) and one for in front of the front door inside. I really like them both. I never thought it would be fun to decorate, but now I think it could be a lot of fun.

Griffin is being blessed today at 1:00. It's nice to not have to run around all crazy like trying to get ready for church on time. I am still in my pj's actually and it is 10:08. I have to cook bacon for the potato bar for the the lunch after Griffin's blessing before I take a shower though. So, I guess I have some kind of an excuse.


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