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Thursday, March 19, 2009


So, the last three nights in a row Hyrum has woken up crying from nightmares. I will go down and calm him down and lay with him to make sure he is settled in and can go back to sleep ok. Tonight when he woke up I was just headed to the bathroom, so I didn't make it down to his room as quickly as I usually would. When I made it down he asked if I heard him and said "calm me down, Mom." I do what I normally do to calm him down and talk to him and trace his face with my fingers (I remember my dad doing this to me when I was little and still love for him to do it). After he had calmed down some he said to me "I'm feeling better now, Mom because I'm thinking of you. When I think of you it makes me happy." He totally melted my heart! I sure do love that boy!


At 12:47 PM , Blogger Kara said...

Aww, that is so sweet. Sometimes I forget just how important we are to our kids.

At 6:43 AM , Blogger Michelle said...

What a tender moment - how sweet to hear that...it makes getting woken up at night kinda worth it.

At 6:54 AM , Blogger nick and deb sorensen said...

Ummm...could you have a sweeter kid! I'm so glad you remember these things too. All the things that Claire does that are so sweet I try and remember, then I instantly forget when i come to write it down. You DO have the sweetest boy! I love him, too.


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