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Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Babe!

Today is my hubby's 30th birthday.  As the day closes on the end, I couldn't have asked for things to go better.  I have been planning in my head for over a month a surprise party for Jay tonight.  

Amazingly enough, I was convincing in my lies of going to work and him having to be home with the kiddos the night of his birthday.  Not to mention many many deceptions I told him to be able to get ready for it. Going shoe shopping with my mom (AKA buying decorations for the party), being the new church building coordinator (AKA I didn't take out the paper for the rules for reserving the church out of the diaper bag before he could find them), telling him the kids must've gotten into the postage stamps and used them as stickers when he found the empty stamps backing left on the computer desk (AKA I am not very good about cleaning up after myself... apparently especially when I send out b-day invitations) are the first ones that come to mind.  It was all worth it when Jay walked into the gym and the lights magically (wink) turned on and his loved ones yelled "SURPRISE" and he looked scared then happier than I think I've seen him since our wedding day once the reality set in.  Thanks to my BIL, Dave, we got it all on video.  

Anyway, it was just a great party and I didn't plan any games and didn't even have any music on.  Everyone just sat and chatted and Jay's siblings and mom put together a little bit of a scrapbook of pictures of Jay growing up and wrote to him.  I think what made it the best is that Jay thought he'd have to be home with the kids while I worked until midnight tonight and was really bummed about it, but had come to terms with it and had made "plans" to hang out with one of his brothers right after he helped my dad move a piano at the church.  Best time he's ever had moving a piano! Hehe.  

So, happy birthday, Jay! You are my favorite person in the world and I love you more than anything.  You are the greatest father I could ask for to our children and the most loving and unselfish husband.  I love you!

PS. I'll post pictures of the awesomeness of a cake that my bestest sister ever made and various other ones at a later date.


At 11:27 AM , Blogger Shopgirl said...

That was a great party! You did great on the decorations Melissa, and I loved Kara's cake. I just might have to call her to make one for my boys!

At 10:35 PM , Blogger islandgirl said...

That sounds like the most amazing surprise party ever! I loved hearing about all the little slip ups that happened along the way. Tell Jay I said congrats on turning 30, it's an amazing feeling..I can't say I'll be saying the same thing at 40, LOL! P.S. You have to check out my blog Melissa, I TOTALLY updated it and even figured out how to do links after 3 years of having a blog, he he!


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