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Monday, May 08, 2006

The weekend...

Yesterday was David's birthday and we had a barbeque over at my parents' house to celebrate. I just love my family. It is always so good to just be with them. I was pretty camera happy this weekend and this is my favorite out of all the ones I took...

Maddy will sometimes do this when you ask her where her nose is. It just totally cracks me up! I can't wait until she is 16 and bringing boys home so I can show them this picture of her. I know, mean mommy I am, huh? Here are some more pictures from the weekend that I just love.

Poor Grandma in that last picture! I made the mistake of telling Xander to "get Grandma" while he was holding a dandylion about to blow it. Instead of tackling her like I meant for him to do he blew the dandylion RIGHT in her face! Max quickly picked up on it and they thought it was hilarious. Well, I'm off to clean some and then maybe scrapbook... we'll see.


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