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Friday, May 05, 2006


Hyrum and I just finished playing the game "Sorry!" Boy did that ever bring back memories! I remember while we were visiting Utah when I was a kid (and living in Texas) that we would play it with the cousins that were around my age (I think I remember playing with Travis and Mandy) and Kara. I made a few alterations for Hyrum. Well, only one alteration... we only played with one piece each instead of the usual 4. We both had so much fun and I think it's great practice for him to learn his numbers and practice counting. He got SOOOO excited when he got "home" and we both clapped and cheered. Then Hyrum got a bit worried and made sure that I made it "home" too so he could cheer for me. It was the cutest thing ever. It certainly makes me want to buy more board games for us to play together. I think next time we play I will have to be sure and take some pictures of him.

Anyway. Kara's coming over in about a half hour to have lunch (split a frozen gormet pizza yum!) and scrapbook. Tomorrow is National Scrapbooking Day and I have gotten permission from Kara to be able to shop the sales (we are doing a contest to see how long we can go without buying any scrapping supplies). I'm not sure what I want to buy or if I'm even going to buy anything for sure. I've avoided looking at all the new stuff, so I'm not entirely sure if there is just something I have to have. I'm sure Jay would appreciate me not spending the money. I guess we'll see if I find anything I "need".

Well, I'm off to kinda get ready (makeup and hair) before Kara gets over here. And I'm sooo excited it's the weekend! Happy Friday all!

Oh, and I had to come back to edit that I got my first pedicure and manicure last night. Jay gave me a gift card at a place in the mall (that I didn't even know was there lol) for valentine's day. I have to say that I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED it! Especially the pedicure. But I suppose because I needed that more. I picked a cute mauvey pink for the polish and my hands and feet are still sooooo soft and smooth! I think I might have to keep getting the pedicures every now and again. I love to have my toes painted!!!


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